Catalano is a Heavy Metal Melodic Rock Band from Chicago IL Established in 2008.Catalano has always defied any clear genre-based classifications. To be honest, any labeling of their music wouldn’t do them justice. To put this myriad musical mixture under any label other than “unique” is to do so in vain. With influences ranging from bands such as Queensryche, Dokken, Nightwish, Edguy from Metallica to Journey, The Who, The Beatles. Catalano refuses to place a label on anything the band does. The band formed after working on a few songs on Pat Catalano’s solo project “Only a Dream”. After recording sessions wrapped up in 2007 the guys decided to get out and bring an energetic live show that is reminiscent of an 80's arena rock show. 

• Veteran members have a combined 50 plus years stage and studio experience
• Released "Only a Dream" CD Nov 2008 on Rogue Records worldwide
• Released "Livein the Raw" exclusive website download Dec 2012 on Rogue Records worldwide
• Released "Into the Darkness" CD Dec 2013 on Rogue Records worldwide
• Wrote & Performed TV/Radio Commercials 
• Currently on full rotation on many FM radio stations and Internet Radio worldwide
• Website receives an average of 1400 hits a day
• Mailing list contains over 15,000 people worldwide
• Consistently sells merchandise at shows (CD’s & Shirts)
• Appeared in numerous magazines and featured articles
• Seasoned artists who have performed with many Major Label artists
• Extremely high-energy live shows
• Endorsed by many major musical instrument manufacturers
• Pat Catalano Named Shredder of the week By TurboTrem
• Artist of the year by GJK Promotions

Catalano Hosts the Annual Catalano Toys for Tots event that has attracted big major label acts such as Firehouse and major sponsors such as Miller, The Chicago Blackhawks
to help raise money and toys for children in their community

Charity's The band Exclusively works with: Toys for Tots



"Only a Dream"


 Released December 2007


After few years of just recording some ideas and music that did not fit with other projects I was involved with. I decided to go ahead and complete an album that is very diverse and has no limitations to genre. I never was one for limitations and my music reflects this. Back in 05 I wrote the song “Only a Dream” as my first attempt at an instrumental piece. I later that year recorded the song at Lost Not Found Studios. My good friend Herb was putting his studio together when he asked me to come by and do some test recording.  After doing some demo tracks of the song Herb shortly passed away from cancer. The version you will hear on the disc is “as is” the way he and I recorded the song. I have left it on the CD in honor of him and yes while it is not polished, mixed well and the drum tracks are a drum machine. I am happy to release it the way it is. Please enjoy the music. There will be much more to come. 

Pat Catalano 


"Live in the Raw"

Released January 1st 2013 as a website exclusive download only.


 "Into the Darkness"

  Released December 2013

After setting the Chicago music sceen a blaze, Armed with songs that the band had been working on. Catalano headed to Transient Sound recording studio in Chicago Recording the album "Into the Darkness". Taking their time and recrafting the songs. The final 8 songs made the disc. The album features Dean Pressley on lead vocals. Mike Myzyri on bass. Dom Palmisano on drums. Keith A. Colgrove on piano and keys. Gavin Jadwin on keys. Pat Catalano and John Catalano all guitars. 

The album was released worldwide in December of 2013 and is available for download on all digital download platforms. You can purchase physical CD's and download the album here on the website. 



New EP Catalano "Reborn" Coming soon!!