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What the hell happened!? 2021

What's up Metal Heads! The last few years have blown by in a flash. What was that 2020 lockdown all about? And what happened to the live music scene for Original music? Well, we do not have the answers for that but we are happy to tell you that despite all the setbacks and illness and quarantine that our band has endured. Even a copycat band overseas... Imagine that. But we are the one and only original CATALANO from the good ole USA and we are not moving over for anyone. We have come this far in the face of many challenges so we will not stop. 2021 starts a new chapter in the Catalano book and with our new vocalist at the helm we will be back out in the streets again. We are not sure with this new environment that the 2020 shit show of a virus has left the music scene but we know that there are people out there that crave Original music. We will do our best to get out there and deliver. Hope to see you soon. Keep checking back for new and check out Facebook.

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